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The Story of GoTreads – Part 2 Dec 17, 2018 Chapter 4 – Viva Las Vegas Big shows, bright lights and a disastrous setback. In 1992 we made our debut at the APAA show in Las Vegas where we were one of the Featured Products at the show that...

The 1975 Prototype on the left & the 1991 first production Go Treads on the right.   Dec 3, 2018 This Go Treads History is presented to you not to bring attention to what our family and I did but, hopefully, to inspire you to rise above your...

Go Treads could save you from Sand Traps- Review in ‘The West Australian’ POSTED ON NOVEMBER 20, 2018 BY MARK 20 Nov GoTreads could save you from sand traps Ray CullyThe West Australian Friday, 16 November 2018 8:20AM The Go Treads worked so effectively it was almost a non event Most experienced four-wheel-drivers...

  Roaming around the outback as a tour operator for 25 years has given me the chance to visit many of Australia’s iconic destinations.  In all those travels we have driven some of the best, and worst roads this country has to offer. Some of our...

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